Selected Bibliography from Masked Eden


Recommended reading
Selected Titles since MASKED EDEN
Published before MASKED EDEN

Recommended Reading
South Pacific Cross-Currents. 
David Behrens.  Unpublished collection of short stories that are factual accounts of the author's experiences in the Solomon Islands and New Britain in the 1940s and 1950s.  Text and photographs.  David Behrens was a soldier in New Guinea during World War II.  After the war he worked as an engineer first for the Seventh Day Adventist Mission then for Stan McCosker.  He worked too on small ships as both captain and engineer.

Timber, Trochus and Crocodiles.  David Behrens.  An unpublished factual account of his association with Stan McCosker and McDougal and Behren's work in New Britain and adjacent islands.  Text and photographs.

Chocolate Soldier.  David Behrens.  An unpublished factual account of his war years, first in the R.M.C. (militia) then as sergeant (A.I.F.) in New Guinea.

Books published by the Hakluyt Society a [charitable Society that publishes volumes for academic purposes on geographical history, travel and voyages history ] give good descriptions of the original exploration of the New Guinea region by the sailors of Great Britain and Europe. These books also place New Guinea in a world context. Books edited and published, include works on Carteret, Dampier, Torres.

Official History of Australia in the War of 1914-I918.  Volume. X.
S. Mackenzie, Angus & Robertson, Sydney, 1927.

From the Australian Front  [A collection of photographs from Western Front, WWI.] Cassell & Co. Ltd., London, 1917.

War sketches on the Somme Front.  Waller, Napier (Bombardier, 11th Howitzer Battery). Edward Abider, Melbourne, 1919.

Australia in the War of 1939-1945.  Australian War Memorial Publications, Canberra.

Series l [Army.]
IV. The Japanese Thrust.  Lionel Wigmore. 1957.
V. South-West Pacific Area - First Year.  Dudley McCarthy. 1959.
VI. The New Guinea Offensives.  David Dexter.1961.
VII. The Final Campaigns. Gavin Long. 1963.

Series 2 [Navy]
I. Royal Australian Navy 1939-42.  G. Hermon Gill. 1957.

Series 3 [Air]
I. Royal Australian Air Force, 1939-42.  Douglas Gillison. 1962.

Series 4 [Civil]
II. The Government and the People, 1942-1945.  Paul Hasluck.  1970

Series 5 [Medical]
III The Island Campaigns.  Allan S. Walker. 1957.

Catalogue of New Guinea Properties.  (Sale of expropriated properties in the Territory of New Guinea.) Three books published dealing with the properties in separate groups. Printed early to mid-l920s.

Burns Philp & Company Ltd. Handbooks.

The Pacific Islands Monthly Year Book.  These appeared at regular intervals throughout the Australian colonial era.

Newspapers and Journals
The Rabaul Record
Namanula Times
Rabaul Times
Pacific Islands Monthly
New Britain Historical Society (Rabaul)

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General bibliography before Masked Eden

Adams, Bruce, Photographs.  Howlett, Robert, Text.  Battleground of the South Pacific.  Reed, Sydney, l970.

Alexander, Roy.  Cruise of the Raider Wolf.  Yale University Press, U.S.A, 1939.

Bassett, M.  Letters from New Guinea, 1921.  The Hawthorne Press, Melbourne, 1969.

Benson, J.  Prisoner's Base and Home Again.  Robert Hale Ltd, London, 1957.

Biskup, Peter.  The New Guinea Memoirs of Jean Octave Mouton.  A.N.U. Press, Canberra, 1974.

Booth, Doris.  Mountains, Gold and Cannibals.  Cornstalk Publishing, Sydney, 1929.

Bowman, Alice M. Edited Claire Deglon Marriott.  Not Now Tomorrow.  Daisy Press, Sydney, 1996.

Brown, George, D.D.  Pioneer-missionary and Explorer: an autobiography. Hodder & Stoughton, London 1908.

Burry [Pullen], B.  In a German Colony. Methuen & Co., London, 1909.

Collins, D.  Sea-tracks of the Spee-jacks round the world.  Heinemann, London, 1923. .

Dampier, William.  Voyages and Discoveries.  Argonaut Press. 1939.

Dampier,William. Edited Mansfield.  Dampiers Voyages.  Published E.Grant-Richards, 1906. 2 Volumes.

Dank, B. Edited from his diary by W Deane.  In Wild New Britain.  Angus & Robertson, Sydney, 1933.

Feldt, Eric.  The Coast Watchers.  Oxford University Press, Melbourne, 1946.

Forrest, T.  A Voyage to New Guinea and the Moluccans.  G. Scott, London, 1779.

Gash and Whittaker.  A Pictorial History of New Guinea.  Jacaranda Press, Brisbane, 1975.

Hinton, C.  The Search for the Islands of Solomon, 1567-1838.  Clarenda, 1969.

Idriess, Ion.  Gold, Dust and Ashes.  Angus & Robertson, Sydney, 1940.

Idriess, Ion.  Prospecting for Gold. Angus & Robertson, Sydney, 1934.

Johnson, R.W and Threlfall, N.A.  Volcano Town.  Robert Brown and Associates, Buranda, Queensland, 1985.

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Murray, M.  Escape - A Thousand Miles to Freedom.  Angus & Robertson, Sydney, 1965.

Murray, M. Hunted - A Coastwatcher's Story.  Rigby Ltd., Adelaide, 1967.

Nelson, Hank.  Black, White and Gold.  Australian University Press, Canberra, 1976.

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Overall, L.A.  A Woman's Impression of German New Guinea.  Bodley Head, London, 1923.

Parkinson, Richard.  Dreissig Jahre in der Sudsee.  Stuttgart, 1907.

Powell, W.  Wanderings in a Wild Country.  Sampson Low, London, 1883.

Price, Willard.  Japan Reaches Out.  Angus & Robertson, Sydney, 1938.

Reynolds, Quentin. Seventy Thousand to One.  Cassell & Co. Ltd., Melbourne, 1947.

Robson, R.W.  Queen Emma.  Pacific Publications, Sydney, 1965.

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Ryan, Peter.  Fear Drive my Feet.  Angus & Robertson, Sydney, 1959.

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Selby. David.  Hell and High Fever.  Pacific Books, Sydney, 1971.

Sinclair, James.  Wings of Gold.  Robert Brown and Associates, Bathurst,
New SouthWales, 1983.

Sinclair. James.  Kiap.  Robert Brown and Associates, Bathurst, New South Wales, 1984

Sinclair, James.  Papua New Guinea. The First Hundred Years.  Robert Brown and Associates, Bathurst, New South Wales, 1985.

Souter, Gavin.  New Guinea, The Last Unknown.  Angus & Robertson. Sydney, 1963.

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Wright, Malcolm.  The Gentle Savage.  Angus & Robertson, Sydney, 1967.

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that have appeared since the publication of   MASKED EDEN .

Brown, Rodger. Edited Margaret L. Hendersen.  Talatala. An Australian Missionary couple in P.N.G. before, during and after the war.
Brown. Adelaide. 2001.

Henderson Margaret L.  Yours sincerely Tom. A lost child of the Empire. Henderson. Adelaide. 2000.

Holland, Frank. Edited Peter Stone, Mabel & John Holland.  El Tigre.  Ocean Enterprises. Victoria. 1999. Frank Holland had input into MASKED EDEN.

Parkinson, Richard.  Dreissig Jahre in der Sudsee.  English  translation John Dennison.  Thirty Years in the South Seas.  Crawford House Publishing Pty Ltd. N.S.W. 1999.

Unfortunately MASKED EDEN had not been read when Dr. Jim Specht wrote his introductory essay for this English translation. In 'The German Professor: Richard Parkinson', Dr. Specht asks questions about Noel Barry - the first man to translate the book into English. Dr. Specht knew nothing about Noel Barry. These questions are mostly answered in MASKED EDEN. Perhaps if Noel Barry's background had been known, his translation would have been taken more seriously.
See inter alia MASKED EDEN pages 27, 81 - 82, 147.

MASKED EDEN was the first book to publish extracts in English - from Barry's translation. See pages 6, 81 - 82, 99 - 100.

In the decade before and after MASKED EDEN was published several books have appeared dealing with the Mandated Territory, particularly WWII. These have excellent photographs but containing, as they do, so many omissions and inaccurate and misleading material in the texts, material often of fundamental importance to any serious study of the history of the Islands, they are not included in this selected bibliography.

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