The  NGVR  Museum,  Brisbane




In Memory of Marjorie and Stan McCosker, NGVR 206, 
and their friends of the New Guinea Volunteer Rifles

After WWII having lost their menfolk - often members of, or with links to the NGVR - many of the women of the Mandated Territory of New Guinea were in emotional and financial difficulties. During the next decade New Guinea clubs providing companionship and practical help were active in several States. Marjorie McCosker was very involved in the Brisbane club.
In the early 1950's the Brisbane N.G. club made a great effort to raise money by organizing a raffle. The first prize was a painting donated by William Bustard whose work was much sought after. However the winner of this raffle refused to take the painting! Finally money was given to the winner and Marjorie McCosker took the painting. It hung in the McCosker home for many years.
The NGVR Museum is a fitting place to hang this William Bustard painting.

Anne McCosker 2007





The Bustard Painting


  Anne McCosker  with  John Holland at   the NGVR Museum, Brisbane, with the William Bustard painting.


John is the Curator of the museum, and one of its founders.





Anne, with the painting



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