David Behrens


David Behrens was a soldier in New Guinea during World War II.  After the war he worked as an engineer first for the Seventh Day Adventist Mission then for Stan McCosker. He worked too on small ships as both captain and engineer.  Some of his stories and articles appear here.

South Pacific Cross-Currents 
Unpublished collection of short stories that are factual accounts of the author's experiences in the Solomon Islands and New Britain in the 1940s and 1950s. Text and photographs. 

Timber, Trochus and Crocodiles 
An unpublished factual account of his association with Stan McCosker and Ian McDougal and Behren's work in New Britain and adjacent islands. Text and photographs.

Chocolate Soldier

An unpublished factual account of his war years, first in the R.M.C. [Militia] then as sergeant [A.I.F.] in New Guinea.

Kambubu's  Dilemma

The story of how David Behrens came to work with Stan McCosker at Matala Plantation


These notes taken from  Masked Eden,  p. 353

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